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Mini-hotel in St. Petersburg - "Polikoff" :

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  • An Insight into the World of Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg.

    What is a mini-hotel? First of all, this is a small building intended for a small number of tourists to stay in. You are deeply wrong if you think this is worse than a large luxury hotel. Perhaps, when you are on a resort noisy caboodles and neighbours on the other side of the wall are treated as a usual thing, but in the historical places all these seem terrible.

  • Downtown St. Petersburg Hotels: an Affordable Luxury.

    There is a belief, and now we will try to dispel it, that staying at downtown hotels of any city entails great expenses, and most often they are vain. Large hotels, if only they had enough funds to get a cherished location place right in the historical center of the city, are very expensive and those located in historical buildings are even more high-priced due to their status.

  • History of mini-hotel of St. Petersburg.

    Once a young tourist came to St. Petersburg late in the evening. No, this is not the beginning of a literary work, it's just a short vacation plan an abstract character might have, who discovered a really new world full of bright colors, not like the image of a dreary grey city depicted by our classics. So, it was evening.

  • Mini Hotels of St. Petersburg as a Sign of Epoch.

    Time is an amazing thing. It seems not so many years ago tourists used to stay at taverns situated somewhere in the suburb. At that time they were not interested in the beauty of young St. Petersburg, they were much more excited about business districts, markets and all those objects that today are called as commercial property.

  • St. Petersburg Hotels in the Downtown Area: A Variety of Options.

    Like any other tourist city, St. Petersburg complies with the rules of the world service. There you can find anything you need for a full-fledged vacation with your friends, family, or for a romantic trip with your second half.

  • Tour of St. Petersburg's mini-hotels.

    You doom yourself to having a good time at the northern capital by referring to the service provided by mini-hotels. The thing is, they are specifically designed to completely satisfy the demands of the tourists and make them totally pleased with their stay. You'll probably say: "How so? Aren't large hotels striving for our satisfaction in every aspect?"

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Mini-hotel "Polikoff" address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt 64/11.
Entrance from Karavannaya street 11. Apartments 24-26.

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