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Mini-hotel in St. Petersburg - "Polikoff" :

Tourism, rest in St. Petersburg / 2

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  • Staying in hotels of St. Petersburg.

    Many people used to visit other cities with the only aim: to take a closer look at them. A city is like a new friend. You never know how close you will be to it, which seems so unfamiliar and mysterious at first. Whatever the impression of its appearance you get, you should always look closely at every nook and cranny to check out whether it's not just pathos used to cover up spiritual emptiness.

  • From the hotels of St-Petersburg on a grand tour around the city.

    Every place is permeated with the memory in this city. Withing several centuries of its existence St-Petersburg managed to be the capital of the country, it changed its name three times, it was on the pages of great books and on the paintings of brilliant artists, it became a cultural, political and business center of the country.

  • Welcome to private hotels of St. Petersburg.

    It is always better to look for an appropriate variant to fit a certain type of vacation. St. Petersburg is primarily the city of tremendous architecture, high culture and unique atmosphere of aristocratic significance, that is why the tourists coming here are highly contraindicated to stay at large, noisy hotels.

  • Mini hotels for the guests of St. Petersburg.

    First, let's find out what a mini-hotel is. A great number of these institutions appeared in all the cities of Russia, but those of them that are located in the northern capital appeared here due to the desire of local citizens to help the visitors rather than to cash in on them.

  • Downtown Hotels in the Northern Capital.

    As any seasoned tourist knows that if you want to see many attractions and spend a few days in the city, it's best to get a room downtown, as close as possible to the historic part. The plus side is obvious: it often takes a few days just to see the tourist sights adjacent to the heart of the city and it would be a shame to have to skip them.

  • Affordable Hotels in the Center of St. Petersburg: is it Real?

    Actually, the reason why you've decided to go to St. Petersburg is not so important. Perhaps, you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a magnificent city, wander through the streets filled with architectural monuments, and watch how the famous bridges over Neva are raised.

  • Hotels to stay in when in St. Petersburg.

    As it is known, people visit St. Petersburg for many reasons. Everybody from tourists and businessmen, who wish to break into the market of the northern capital, to connoisseurs of high elite culture, who take theaters and paintings as almost sacred things, come to this city.

  • One mini-hotel in St. Petersburg.

    Nevsky prospekt is like a river flowing somewhere aside. It never sleeps, thousands of people stroll this street all day long, even at night there are enough walkers admiring the beauties of the old architecture.

  • Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg: Manual for Young Travelers.

    It has become a trend these days to travel not only to Turkey and Egypt, but all around Russia as well. Moreover, together with native residents who choose to spend time in old historic cities of their country, there are also foreign tourists who are especially attracted by two cities Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Mini-hotel "Polikoff" address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt 64/11.
Entrance from Karavannaya street 11. Apartments 24-26.

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