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Mini-hotel in St. Petersburg - "Polikoff" :

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  • Mini hotels in St. Petersburg.

    What does the vacation mean? For some people it is time spent with the family or friends in your city. For others it is time for adventurous traveling around the country or abroad. Each person spends his own free time as he wants, but there is one question applied to any trip: where to stay in a new city, which will become your new home just in a couple of days.

  • Mini hotels in center of St. Petersburg.

    In Saint-Petersburg, city on Neva river, that used to be capital of Russia, tourists are offered to experience different sightseeing tours: most often they include team tours in museums, palaces and villas, visiting of Petrodvorets palace and gardens, walking tours alongside Neva's embankments and Nevskij prospect of course.

  • The difference between mini-hotels and large hotels of Petersburg.

    When Peter I was building the capital city, surely he wanted to build not just the main northern port of the country, but also wanted it to be a city of respect in every sense of the word. While being the capital of Russia, St. Petersburg acquired multitude of great buildings and architectural monuments so different from other constructions, which let the city get the status of most beautiful city not only of Russia but also of the world.

  • Mini-hotels on Nevsky prospect.

    St. Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. Every day thousands of tourists come here from all over the country and from abroad hopeful to view as many monuments of architecture and history as it is possible to do for a short period of time of their vacation.

  • Honeymoon suite with a Jacuzzi in St. Petersburg.

    Wedding can be unusual. The more proposals are on this always popular wedding market, the more unusual and very tempting offers appear. For example, you can combine a pleasant event with an interesting journey, or you can organize a special show, considering that such sort of events occur with increasing frequency.

  • Mini hotels of St. Petersburg the choice of businessmen.

    Regarded as one of the largest cities of Russia, St. Petersburg attracts businessmen as well as tourists. Hundreds of entrepreneurs come here for business negotiations and meetings and the northern capital is ready to provide them with all the amenities for their business trip to be on the highest level.

  • Bayliner Capri boat.

    The main water through-passage of St. Petersburg is Neva river. You can't help walking along Neva embankments while visiting St. Petersburg. Walking alongside the queue you can feel better unique atmosphere of this unordinary and beautiful city that was build once on border of two different worlds: East and West, Russia and Europe.

  • VIP cars in Saint-Petersburg.

    You can move around Saint-Petersburg using different transportations services. In ordinary situations you can be satisfied with metropolitan or surface public conveyances, however sometimes you need exception.

  • Mini-hotels in the heart of Saint-Petersburg a new trend in the sphere of service and tourism.

    In the world of tourism new offers emerge very quickly, that is why when you go to any city with tourist or business purposes you should consider the existing propositions there. For example, let's speak about Saint-Petersburg.

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Mini-hotel "Polikoff" address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt 64/11.
Entrance from Karavannaya street 11. Apartments 24-26.

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