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Mini-hotel in St. Petersburg - "Polikoff" : Rooms & Rates :

Junior suite deluxe with Jacuzzi

Junior suite.
Mini-hotel "Polikoff" offers its guests Junior suite deluxe single-room with Jacuzzi. Stylish and comfortable it is the best choice to stay during business-trip as well as during vacation. Among different facilities you will appreciate beautiful double bed, additional sofa, conditioning, phone, DVD, hairdryer, safe. But most essential condition for your rest is Jacuzzi large whirlpool bath which is considered to be top comfort and wonderful relaxation tool for years. There is nothing better for creating good mood and strong health then immersion into warm pleasant bubbling water.

Junior suite deluxe room with Jacuzzi.
Choosing deluxe room with Jacuzzi you order not just stylish apartments to spend there vacation or business-trip, but you provide yourself with comfort and maximum pleasant conditions. More then that windows of the room have view to calm patio or neighbor building. It guarantees silence and coziness just in one step of loud active atmosphere of the center of St. Petersburg.

This room is also offered as wedding apartments for newly-wed. Wedding apartments equipped with all facilities mentioned above will make your honeymoon memorable and remarkably comfortable.

There are two junior suite deluxe rooms in "Polikoff" mini-hotel, each room is 25 square meters.

Toilet and a shower room. Mini-hotel Polikoff deluxe room.

Mini-hotel "Polikoff" address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt 64/11.
Entrance from Karavannaya street 11. Apartments 24-26.

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