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Mini-hotel in St. Petersburg - "Polikoff" : Publications :

Bayliner Capri boat.

Bayliner Capri boat
The main water through-passage of St. Petersburg is Neva river. You can't help walking along Neva embankments while visiting St. Petersburg. Walking alongside the queue you can feel better unique atmosphere of this unordinary and beautiful city that was build once on border of two different worlds: East and West, Russia and Europe. More interesting can be only one thing: to look at it directly from the water, fortunately Neva offers sailing opportunities to the guests as many and as much as they want.

Bayliner Capri
It is pleasant to float down rivers and channels on motorboats. These means of transportation gather quite high speed and make rash water trip. Wind from the river, stone embankment of St. Petersburg real water romance that you can't feel deeply on slowly moving touristic boat.

Bayliner Capri boat is one of the best motor vessels for river sail sing. A bit aggressive style of this vessel allegedly telling: it's hard to overtake me. At the same time comfort of this travel does not worth any doubt. This boat of American origin equipped with all essential for splendid leisure: audio system with CD-changer, commodious cabin of white leather for six passengers, bio toilet and mandatory navigation and echo sounder. More then that there is cozy stateroom on board.

Bayliner Capri launch
From one hand capacity of the boat makes it wonderful leisure instrument for jolly crowd, from the other hand romance of the City on the Neva can significally influence your choice: possibly you would prefer to make small voyage with your beloved companion. For sure this river journey you would remember for the lifetime.
Mini-hotel "Polikoff" address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt 64/11.
Entrance from Karavannaya street 11. Apartments 24-26.

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