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Mini-hotel in St. Petersburg - "Polikoff" : Publications :

An Insight into the World of Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg.

What is a mini-hotel? First of all, this is a small building intended for a small number of tourists to stay in. You are deeply wrong if you think this is worse than a large luxury hotel. Perhaps, when you are on a resort noisy caboodles and neighbours on the other side of the wall are treated as a usual thing, but in the historical places all these seem terrible. Just imagine yourself wandering around the city, you are tired then and want to have a rest, but there is a jolly crowd from the next suit that keeps you awake all night long. That's no good at all!

But a life in mini-hotels of St. Petersburg is quite different. Here you are the owner of your personal apartment, from where you can take pleasure in observing the city. Despite the limited number of suits, mini-hotels are much cozier than large hotels and the savings are amazing. Besides, you will be pleased by the location of such establishments. For example, a mini-hotel "Polikoff" is located on the crossroads of Karavannay street and Nevsky prospekt. There are some huge advantages of such location. First, transport is very close from here so that you don't need to go far. Second, you are living in the heart of the the old city and can breath this air of antiquity. And at last, you will get a unique opportunity to live in the oasis of calm and peace next to the noisiest street of the city. Such a contrast acts in your favour.

Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg also have some other pluses. Most often they are run by small businessmen, that is why the staff is very polite and amiable here, always ready to help you. Here you won't be met by cold standard, sometimes rude, greeting if the staff is in a bad mood. Tourist-friendly treatment is a distinctive feature of cozy mini-hotels. Moreover, you will be able to order a taxi or even a luxury car right from your room. Would you like to have a river cruise? There is nothing easier! You can also book a table at a restaurant or order theater tickets. Any client is respected and any visitor is loved here.

Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg open their doors for anyone wanting to live in the northern capital for some time either these are tourists or romantic people, young couples longing to see how the bridges move over the river Neva or businessmen who wish to relax between their business meetings. All of these is conducive to a good mood, as the day bustle is someplace else. What is there is only a unique atmosphere of rest, peace and confidence that you spend the best vacation of you life as you would like it to be.

So, welcome to the world on the brink. On the brink of austerity and simplicity, tourist vanity and aristocratic tranquility, merriment and seriousness. With such cozy unique mini-hotels, St. Petersburg appears to be a completely unexpected city you have never seen before, even if it's not your first coming here, even if you have visited all the museums and monuments, threw coins into the Fontanka and admired the Petergof. If this new city will seem closer to you, you will definitely come back here again.

Mini-hotel "Polikoff" address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospekt 64/11.
Entrance from Karavannaya street 11. Apartments 24-26.

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